Thursday, 14 May 2009

Let's Get Down To Business

We've all been very busy here at G.W.I. so there has been a bit of a lull in activity. But we're back! Exams are over and we've got our first event lined up on Monday 18th, G.W.I. Cut and Stick, (although we won't be cutting or sticking!). We've got some nice little crafty numbers lined up for you though, Tie-Dye and Vintage Tea-Towel making. Bring an old t-shirt to pay homage to 70s tie-dye, and make a tea-towel to brighten up your grimy student kitchen. Add yourself to the event on Facebook and click attending to be put on the guest list, we've only got space for 50 people this time around, so get your name down quick! If there is lots of interest, we will of course be repeating the event.

Lots of love G.W.I.

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