Thursday, 24 September 2009

SOS for Honeybees

At this years AGM the NFWI's 'SOS For Honeybees' resolution was passed with an overwhelming majority. The population of Honeybees in the UK has suddenly begun declining at around 30% per year (up from just 6% in 2003) and although it is understood that honeybees are coming under threat from a variety of pests and diseases, nobody really knows why they are dying out in such great numbers.

The NFWI's Bee Aware Action Week 24-31 October aims to raise awareness of the plight of the honeybee which plays such a vital role in pollinating plants for food as well as countless species of flowers and trees. The G.W.I. will of course be getting involved in raising the profile of the honeybee, so please guys, if you have any ideas how we can do this successfully, do let one of us know. The WI website has more information on the issue and how you can help.

At the G.W.I. vs. Goldsmiths Gentlemen Rounders match on Monday 28th we will be selling a variety of honey flavoured snacks to kick start our involvement with the campaign. If you'd like to donate something delicious for us to sell there are recipe ideas on the WI website!

G.W.I. xx