Monday, 20 December 2010


Happy Xmas y'all! We've got our fingers and toes crossed that you've all managed to conquer the snow and get back home for the holidays. MASSIVE apologies for yet another long absence from the internet, 3rd year/ winter lurghi/ general absentmindedness has been taking its toll on everyone, but from here on in, we're on it like sonic.

Here's a peek at what we've been up to recently...

Goldsmiths RAG Society Christmas Fair: The W.I. gals knocked up some peppermint creams, christmas brownies and shortbread, amongst other treats.

Reclaiming the night with the London Feminist Network:

Chinese cookery lessons at Catherine and Zoe's, courtesy of Tom Cranshaw:

aaand Baking spooktastic cupcakes for the Halloween Bake Sale:

Keep a steady eye on the horizon for the next meet (7th of February) and details on our Knitting Club!

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Monthly Meeting - HORNIMAN MUSEUM


This coming Tuesday, the 25th of May, in lieu of a sit-down meeting, we shall be making a trip to the Horniman Museum in Forest Hill for a wander around all their creepy-cool exhibits and possibly a picnic (expect cupcakes). It's free (WOOP) but everyone also has the option to check out the Myths & Monsters exhibition , which is £3 entry for concessions, £2.50 if a big enough group fancies it.

We'll be meeting outside the Goldsmiths College Library at 12 pm, and getting the bus from there. It should be a blast, so y'all should come along! you can RSVP to the facebook event here.

UPDATE- Horniman Times

Monday, 17 May 2010

Exciting Official Stuff

After a considerable absence from the interwebz, the WI blog is back, with a buncha business to update you on:

- We’ve elected a new committee: Catherine is our new president, with India as her vice prez, Zoe as Treasurer, Emily as Secretary and Taylor and Sofia rounding out the team as Committee Members. Essentially, we deal with the above ‘official business’, and are going to make it our mission to organize as much fun for you as possible in the coming year.

- We voted unanimously to separate from the Cray District of which we are a currently a party of and form a new London district with several other local WI’s. This links us with a younger set of WI’s in South East London with similar interests and activities.


- We’re going to be expanding the Goldsmiths WI from the student union into the local area!
This will give us a bit more freedom (we’ve got our own bank account and everything), but mainly its because we’ve had TONNES of interest from gals outside of Goldsmiths since we started, and this means y’all will be able to join in the funtimes! We will remain associated with the uni, but our headquarters will be moving from the SU to the Telegraph pub in Brockley.

Meetings will be the first Monday of every month, with the notable exception of our next meeting, which is on the 25th of May. We’ve got some ace plans so make sure you pop along!


Some of the WI highlights from the past few months:

Lomo Workshop:

Zine Making:

painting ceramics at Biscuit:

Photos courtesy of the lovely Emily Holbrook and Jess Cripps.

Friday, 19 February 2010

DIY disaster?

If you're not so handy with a drill, but you'd like to learn, then how about signing up for our DIY Workshop with the professionals at B&Q?

4th March, 10am-4pm (pick up from Stratford Tube)

Learn to put up shelves, wallpaper walls, use power tools etc!
Free refreshments and lunch throughout the day.

Free to fully paid members, and £3 for all members who have paid the Goldsmiths WI SU fee (£1 at the start of the year)

The places are limited to twenty people, on a first come first served basis. Please email if you are interested in coming along.